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Mobile Maker Space and

School Incursions Brisbane

A Valuable Way Of Supporting Teachers

Make&Meld bring our workshops to you! and provide Incursions to suit the needs of your group.

This includes, but is not limited to, Primary Schools, Kindergartens, Day cares, Vacation Care and OSHC as well as Festival, Community Events and Shopping Centres.


Our Mission is to give kids the opportunity to LEARN BY DOING, to get HANDS-ON using tools and techniques, to EXPLORE the use of MATERIALS, to get CREATIVE, to build CONFIDENCE and to give HOLISTIC, PLAY-BASED learning opportunities.

Curriculum Aligned School Incursion Program for Primary Schools

 Make&Meld provide engaging hands-on incursions for Prep to Grade 6 that align with the Australian Curriculum and QCAA. Our program links with the curriculum over a range of learning areas including Science, Design and Technologies, Mathematics, Arts, English and HASS.

  • Programs can be customised to compliment the needs of your school.

  • We work with Curriculum Coordinators and Teachers to ensure we meet the specific learning needs of your group.

  • Extension resources can also be provided to include learning in the classroom beyond the incursion.

  • Extensive insurance and full risk assessments are provided for all sessions.

We aim to generate curiosity, excitement and sense of achievement, that supports and extends what children are learning in the classroom.

We supply tools and materials that not all schools or centres have access to and of course we tidy up afterwards.


Our School Incursions provide children with a hands on educational experience outside of the books and white board. Our Incursions are a great way to bring the real outside world into the classroom, engage your students, stimulate and excite their learning experience.


Early Years Learning Framework Aligned Incursion program

for Kindy and Childcare Centres

Our Early Years Maker Workshops focus on developing skills and confidence and getting kids hands-on using simple tools to build their own creations. All our workshops are designed to extend children's learning and align with the Early Years Learning Framework. Programs can be customised to meet the particular learning needs of your group.

Vacation Care and OSHC Incursion program

Are you looking for an engaging, unique and fun-filled OSHC / Vacation Care Incursion?

We'll bring our workshop to your centre and get kids hands-on using real tools to make their own unique creation. From Woodworking to sewing, we've got an activity to excite and engage.


Festivals, Community Events, Libraries and Shopping Centres


We love going into the community and delivering hands-on workshops for kids and families.

Contact us to discuss your needs.

Some of the benefits of Make&Meld School Incursions -

  • Encourage kids to explore and try new things and new ways of approaching a problem. 

  • Builds Resilience as often there are failures that need to be overcome and adjustments made until they get to the desired result.

  • Offer students a break from their usual school routine and stimulate and excite their learning experience.

  • Incursions are a great way to bring the real outside world into the classroom and the change in routine can help to restore focus and spark engagement in the children.

  • A great way to maximise student learning by giving children the ability to participate in a more ‘learn as they do’ educational experience.

  • Whether it is Science, Maths, STEAM, HASS all our programs are focused on complimenting the curriculum needs and are designed to excite and engage the children at the same time.

  • Our Incursions provide a STEAM Education experience without the cost of arranging transport and the logistics of having children off school grounds.

  • Make&Meld Incursions inject energy and inspiration into learning. They can be a one-off session or they can be run over a number of sessions. They are totally flexible learning resource.

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Click here to download of a copy of Make&Meld's 

2022 School Incursion School Incursion Program.

Click here to download of Kindy

Incursion/Excursion Program

All our workshops are designed to extend children's learning and align with the Early Years Learning Framework. 

Looking for an engaging, unique and fun filled  OSHC / Vacation care incursion? Click here to download our OSHC/Vacation Care Incursion/Excursion Program!