Make&Meld offer creative design and maker workshops for kids of all ages (as well as the occasional adult workshop). Our workshops inspire creative thinking and problem solving while teaching the skills required to use basic tools, exploring sustainable materials and having fun in a safe environment.

Participants get dirty, use their hands, use their brains and have fun!

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Kids Workshops and Wood Work

MakerFun workshops at Make&Meld come in a variety of shapes and sizes. While we like to explore a range of Handicrafts and other essential hand and maker skills at Make&Meld, we tend to focus a lot of our workshops around wood.

Why we incorporate lots of woodworking as part of our Maker Fun projects?


  • Working with wood and and using hand-tools allows children to get hands-on practical skills that other mediums don't offer. Our workshops provide an opportunity for kids to use real tools in a safe learning environment. Children will learn how to use tools such as saws, hammers and hand drills under the guidance of trained instructors.

  • Working with tools helps children to solve problems and to learn new skills while also providing high and sustained levels of engagement which captures the hearts and minds of both boys and girls. 

  • Kids get the satisfaction of building something themselves, developing confidence in their own abilities, giving them a sense of accomplishment and encouraging independence and perseverance. There is nothing better than seeing a child exude confidence as they exclaim "I made it myself".

  • Children develop hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness while understanding how to use tools in a safe manner. It is also a great way to develop both gross and fine motor skills.

  • Both girls and boys also gain a sense of power and strength as they become more skillful and confident in their own abilities.

  • STEAM focused learning through play. Kids get the opportunity to be makers, tinkerers, designers and engineers. Our workshops provide a great opportunity for kids to tap into their creativity and to develop hands-on making skills.

We watch, we show, we encourage but we seldom take over.


Yes working with paper and art helps children to become creative - but it doesn't offer the all important STEM Learning that come from construction and tinkering.

What is STEM Learning?

Put simply STEM is an approach to learning that links  Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to provide a holistic and enquiry based educational learning approach. More recently the emphasis on the importance of Arts and creativity to that equation is gaining momentum—stretching the acronym to STEAM.


At Make&Meld our workshops are designed so that kids get to have hands-on fun making and creating whist developing all important skills and deriving learning across disciplines!! - measuring , movement and forces, engineering and construction, and learning about the sustainable use of materials.

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