About Make&Meld

The Make&Meld Workshop is located in the Brisbane suburb of Yeronga and provides a space where kids can get hands-on making and creating in a fun and encouraging learning environment.

Founded by two local mums with backgrounds in Industrial Design, Art and Environmental Science, the philosophy behind Make&Meld is about providing kids with opportunities for learning across disciplines – melding creative arts and design with principles of science, engineering and maths – all within a fun and relaxed environment where kids get to learn by doing.

With so much focus on high-tech computer-based learning, our approach is to get back to basics using mainly low-tech hand tools and sustainable materials.

At Make&Meld we aim to

  • get kids off screens, get them moving and give them practical skills

  • develop fine and gross motor skills and provide opportunities for hands-on learning

  • increase concentration and encourage appreciation for effort-based rewards

  • rekindle imagination, inspire creative thinking and problem solving and develop confidence in their own abilities

We believe that learning to make things also teaches children about products and their roles as consumers. Learning about different materials gives kids an insight into where things come from and their impact on the environment. Kids realise that they can make and fix their own things rather than purchasing more and more stuff.

Most of all we love the look of pride and confidence on kids’ faces as they gain a new skill, put their ideas into action, work hard to complete their projects and say “I made this myself!”.

Emily and Helen (directors and founders of Make&Meld)

Meet Make&Meld Directors 

Emily Higgins (on the right)

Emily brings a Bachelor of Industrial Design, along with many years of Arts and Crafts experience to Make&Meld. Additionally, she has experience in cabinetmaking, project management, and interior design. Emily has a real passion for designing and making cool things.

Helen Bankes (on the left)

Helen comes from a Sustainability and Education background and has a Bachelor of Environmental Science. Helen loves working with young people and is passionate about instilling the importance of sustainability, creativity, and self-belief with future generations.



Design Thinking

Make&Meld's workshops introduce kids to the design-thinking approach giving them skills to problem solve and to come up with creative and innovative ideas and to bring those ideas to life. Using a creative lens for approaching problems, participants will design and create innovative, sustainable and user-friendly products or artworks that they can take home and use to make their life, or the life of others, more enjoyable.

Holistic Learning

The engaging and innovative workshops provide a great opportunity for kids to build on cross-curricular holistic learning and to develop skills such as critical thinking, creativity and collaboration while having fun in a supportive environment.


Make&Meld's creative design workshops link art and creative thinking with principles of science, technology, engineering and maths.  They make learning fun and provide opportunities to use knowledge and skills in ways that are practical, hands-on and applicable to the real world.



With a focus on environmentally responsible use of materials and inquiry into the environmental and social cost of resources, workshops aim to cultivate environmental ethics and explore waste reduction and other environmental issues through the arts.



Make&Meld's workshops inspire participants to tap into their creativity, to play and to develop hands-on creative design and making skills.