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Woodwork's cool!

"A few easy woodwork techniques such as sawing, drilling, finishing and making simple joints are sufficient to make a wide range of toys and games....

...Woodwork provides the pleasure of both saving money and of producing articles from a satisfying natural material." The readers digest family book of THINGS TO MAKE AND DO 1977

A woodworking club for kids!

Make&Meld have designed a program to cultivate a sense of pride in learning new skills which provide opportunity for  growth both physically and mentally.

Our classes are self led based on a set of learning objectives. All children start at level 1 for each assessable skill and slowly develop their skills in order to progress to the next level. This means your child can start at any age and we will guide them as required.

For more info please email us at info@makeandmeld.com.au or phone on 0401 632 421

Does your school host an Afterschool Makerclub and you are looking to book your child in?

Would your school be interested in hosting an Afterschool Makerclub?

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