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Make & Meld’s Creative Design Program for All Ages

Our Creative Design Program melds together a consideration of the sustainable use of materials, with the principles and practices of design thinking and making. By understanding the life cycle of materials, we aim to encourage a conscious awareness of the individuals’ impact on the planet. The design component of the program teaches individuals to confidently use recycled and repurposed materials, through learning skills, tools, and techniques. This will be coupled with a look at design aesthetics as well as engineering components of good design. Throughout the program we focus on using the design-thinking approach to problem solving and link creativity and the arts with principles of science and engineering, all within the context of a fun and engaging hands-on learning environment.

Learning outcomes:

Our creative design program focuses on exploring and using everyday materials to design and build exciting and innovative creations. Throughout our program, participants will –

  • explore materials and resources available in their everyday environment,

  • develop techniques and gain skills using simple tools to build and make things,

  • engage in the creative process,

  • gain hands-on experience designing and building their own creations; and

  • develop the confidence to explore, design and make things themselves that they can use and enjoy in their everyday life.


Our Program caters for specific age groups with separate workshops held for lower primary school age kids (5 to 8 years), upper primary school age kids (9 to 12 years), secondary school age kids (13 to 17 years) and Adults (18 and over). Places in these workshops are based on 3 weekly 1hr blocks with payment for all 3 workshops required upfront on enrolment.


Times and dates:
  • 5 – 8 years – Wednesday afternoon workshops - 3.30pm to 4.30pm

  • 9 – 12 years – Thursday 3:30pm to 4:30pm

  • 13 – 17 years – Friday afternoon workshops 3.30pm to 4:30pm

  • Adults – Thursday night workshops – 6pm to 7pm

Make&Meld Creative Design Program Term 2, 2019


3-week block made up of 3 x 1hr workshops

week 1 beginning 29/04/2019, week 2 beginning 6/05/2019, week 3 beginning 13/05/2019.


Explore paper as resource, where paper comes from, how it’s made and the impacts of paper production and paper waste on the environment. Delve into the sustainable use of paper by recycling shredded paper into paper pulp and using it to make your own paper creations. Experiment with paper pulp to design, sculpt and create your own 3D paper clay objects.

Discover the qualities and attributes of paper and experiment through building, constructing and making. Look at paper in design and learn tools and techniques used to manipulate paper including cutting, folding, building and making with paper. Design, make and create your own paper design pieces using your newly acquired skills!



3-week block made up of 3 x 1hr workshops

week 1 beginning 20/05/2019, week 2 beginning 27/05/2019, week 3 beginning 3/06/2019. 


Get excited about the amazing maker resource that is Cardboard! Explore different ways of building with cardboard and explore the strengths of different types and ways of using cardboard by experimenting with cardboard construction activities and engineering tests. Learn ways to build and make joins and attachments with cardboard and use your new-found skills to make a cardboard caddy to hold all your maker tools.

Use the design thinking process to imagine, explore, prototype and make your own creative cardboard design creation.



3-week block made up of 3 x 1hr workshops

week 1 beginning 10/06/2019, week 2 beginning 17/06/2019, week 3 beginning 24/06/2019.


Learn about how metals and wires are made and discover different types of wires available to you in your everyday world that can be repurposed as useful, fun and sustainable maker resources. Experiment with recycled plastic-coated wire, copper wire, chicken wire and the humble wire coat hanger.

Learn to use tools and techniques to manipulate wire of different gauges and use your newly honed maker skills to design your own exciting wire creations. Learn and experiment using wire as a structure and meld wire with other materials, such as paper and clay, to design, create and make fun and innovative objects.