Home Schooling Workshops Brisbane

We are now offering sessions for home schooling families and groups to come to our Yeronga workshop where we deliver an Australian Curriculum aligned Workshop program. Our Workshops run throughout the school term and can be a one off workshops or series of ongoing workshops designed to suit the needs of your child or home-school group.

Contact us at info@makeandmeld.com.au 

We are currently running the following Home-school programs on in Term 1 2021.

Science + Design - Making Toys with moving parts

  • Curriculum links with Science (Push and Pull forces) and Design Technology (Design processes and production) and Sustainability (Reusing materials)

  • The program focuses on learning about different push and pull forces and gives students the opportunity to identify these in the context of designing and making their own toy with moving parts.

  • We provide resources to guide kids through the Design Process both before and after our Maker incursion.

  • A Make&Meld Maker Day Incursion / Excursion (1.5hr with max. 25 kids per group) is held at our Yeronga Workshop in which kids use tools (hammers, saws etc) and materials provided (including recyclable and reusable materials as well as timber pieces, nails, screws and other attachments) to build their own moving toy.

For dates, costs and bookings click here.

Science + Design - Paper in Design - making and creating with paper products

  • Curriculum Links with Science (combining materials, materials changing state), Sustainability (earth's resources) and Design and Technologies (paper production processes)

  • The program focuses on learning about where paper comes from and how it's made and gives kids the opportunity to make their own recycled paper products.

  • A series of three (3) Make&Meld Incursion / Excursions  (3 x 1.5hr per session with max. 25 per group) is held at our Yeronga Workshop. Kids get hands-on using tools to make their own paper deckle, make recycled paper pulp as a group and make their own recycled paper. They then get to use paper products in the design process including designing and making their own papercrete pots.

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Our weekly Maker Fun morning and afternoon sessions are also an option for home-school families. Our Maker Fun workshops are designed to extend children's learning while having fun.

  • Fun hands-on woodworking (or other hand-craft) projects where kids use real tools to make cool projects that they can take home and use.

  • The focus is on learning through following instructions, learning through doing and developing fine and gross motor skills, by using a range of hand tools and usually involves getting familiar with and developing skills in measuring. 

  • A big focus is also on developing children's confidence and the sense of pride in their achievements.

  • Projects can be painted and decorated as an extension activity either at home or as a group following the session.

For more info, our calendar of projects, fees and bookings click here.

Some of the Benefits our Home School Workshops -

  • We believe in learning by doing and the importance of play-based learning.

  • Our workshop sessions provide a STEAM Education experience and inject energy and inspiration into learning. We want to  generate curiosity, excitement and sense of achievement , that supports or encourages what children are learning.

  • We supply the tools and materials that not all home school families and groups have access to.

  • Our workshops run all year round including during school holidays and we can develop a program or one-off workshop to meet the needs of your group.

  • Programs link with a range of curriculum areas including maths, science, design tech, art and HASS.

Play-based learning and STEM Education for your child


Please download the PDF files to see the numerous sessions we can deliver

along with the learning outcomes that they offer.

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