Make&Meld Apron Design Competition

A competition for Local (Brisbane) students and enthusiasts, of Fashion Design & Product Design

Entries to be in by midnight 4th October 2020 - Shortlist Announced 12th October

Winner announced 2nd November


Are you an existing Design Student (Fashion/Product) studying at High School/Tafe/university/other ? 

or are a self taught enthusiast? ex-student?

are you looking for experience and exposure! 

If so, what better way to do it than by winning Make&melds  Apron Design Competition!


You might be asking why we, designers ourselves would choose to get others to design something that we could very well design ourselves...

well, this is for 2 reasons; one, we are not the most stylish of individuals, we do OK, but we are definitely not known for it

and two, we want to get more involved with the community and help our fellow and aspiring designers to get a leg up in an 

industry that can be difficult to enter!

What you can WIn:

  1st place*:

The winner of this competition will get their design exposed every time Make&Meld staff are wearing the aprons in the public arena,

on Make&Meld's social media platforms and on their website throughout and after the competition (if image of staff wearing the apron get

 photographed and posted), and the winner also gets to keep the prototype and provide a quote to deliver the product to Make&Meld.

2nd and 3rd place**:

Designs will be shortlisted to the Top Three (3) Entries. All Finalists will be given the opportunity to make a prototype of their design, with

costs of materials to be covered by Make&Meld (to the max value of $100).

The design brief:


Melding a desire to support emerging local design, and a search for the perfect uniform,

Make&Meld are looking for a new apron design to help build their

brand as an expanding business. 

They need something very practical - but stylish - that will align with the Make&Meld brand.

Other requirements/desires:









Terms and Conditions of Competition Entry – Design a Make&Meld Apron.

Submission Criteria

An eligible submission must include -

  • Detailed drawings of the final design, listing all materials, dimensions, and other details indicating that the designer is knowledgeable and capable.

  • 2 x Coloured images (minimum) of the final design in A3 format. Images can be rendered, or hand drawn.

  • Materials Board, samples of proposed materials.

  • One paragraph BIO about the Designer and The Design including a photograph of the Designer if desired. This information will be used by Make&Meld to promote your design.

Only Entries with complete Submissions will be considered.

All submissions must be emailed, to

Email submissions must also include:

Entrants Name, Age and contact details.

By entering this competition, the Entrant acknowledges all the Terms and Conditions here within.


The competition is open to Australian citizens or residents of 12 months or more who reside in Brisbane.

A design may be a partnership between two (or more) Designers, with the understanding that any prize awarded is divided equally amongst the partnership.

The Entrant must be capable of producing a quality prototype exhibiting a clear knowledge of fabrication methods and materials.

Entry Details and Costs

  • There is no Entry fee.

  • Online Entries must be submitted by Sunday 4th October 2020 (12pm).

  • A limit of two works per Designer can be submitted.

  • It is important that submitted Design images are of sufficient size and resolution to be easily viewed by the judges.

  • File names should include the designers name/s.

  • All entrants will have the names added to the Make&Meld electronic mailing list for updates and further information on this and subsequent competitions.

  • Your details will not be shared or used for any other purpose. An unsubscribe link is provided in each email you are sent.


Information for Finalists

The selected FINALISTS ONLY will be notified by email on Monday 12th October 2020.

The list of Finalists will be made available on the Make&Meld website on that day and should be consulted by all designers who did not receive an email.

All selected as finalists authorise Make&Meld formally and irrevocably, to publish their works free of copyright, totally or partly, in all publications related to this competition, as well as on the official website or social media.

Ownership rights

All Participant/s confirm they are the sole creator of, and owner of, of the design created for The Make&Meld Apron Design Competition” the "Design"; and the use of the Design by Make&Meld and its designees will not violate the rights of any third party.

By entering the competition, the Winner grants to Make&Meld exclusive and irrevocable, license of the copyright for the Apron Design (and all renewals and reversions thereof).

The Participant may use their entry for the purpose of educational assessment and self-promotion however must acknowledge that they do not own the Reproduction Rights.

The winning design will be judged by Helen and Emily of Make&Meld


Competition means the Make&Meld Apron Design Competition as offered by Make&Meld Brisbane.

Entrant means any able student or design enthusiast who has entered the Competition.

Winner means the Participant who is judged to have the best Competition entry and who will receive the Prize.

Prizes means the prizes as advertised.

Finalists means the top three submissions as judged by the judges.


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